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Orders ship Monday-Wednesday and arrive in 1-2 days.
Orders ship Monday-Wednesday and arrive in 1-2 days.

Snow Crab Cocktail Claw Box

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Wild Caught, Sustainable & Premium Grade

Our high-quality, premium Snow Crab Cocktail Claws are processed exclusively from Canadian Snow Crab that are wild-caught in the deep waters of the cold North Atlantic. They are immediately individually fresh-frozen locking in freshness and flavor. Caught exclusively during peak season you can expect the finest quality snow crab, year-round, with impeccable freshness and taste.

They are shipped to you fully cooked and cap-off ready to be defrosted, served and easily eaten. Crab is packed with protein and is an excellent source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Vitamin B12 & Selenium.

IQF, cap-off, fully cooked.

Origin: Canada

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  • Our Canadian Snow Crab is sourced exclusively from the icy, cold, pristine waters of the North Atlantic. Nowhere else on earth can you find seafood that’s fresher and tastier. So, it’s no wonder this premium seafood is coveted as the finest in the world. Known for its impeccable quality, Canadian Snow Crab is sought after by top grocery and department stores, national restaurant chains, casinos, hotels, cruise lines and now it is available shipped directly to your door. 

    Frozen vs. Fresh: Freezing seafood properly like we do ensures the quality of our product better than the majority of fresh seafood out there. Most “fresh” fish you will find is frozen at some point. Our seafood is flash frozen shortly after catch, when the product is at peak freshness. This not only locks in flavor and nutrients, but ensures the highest quality product possible.

  • Orders ship Monday-Wednesday. Shipping takes 1-2 days. The order cutoff time is 12pm EST for 1-2 day shipping. All orders arrive frozen.

    We do not ship on holidays, the eve of a holiday or in inclement weather.

    Packing Information: We ship your seafood in a neatly packed reusable box with dry ice. Be careful not to touch the dry ice with your bare skin!

    Storing Information: As soon as your order arrives, place your seafood in the refrigerator for use within 2-3 days or freeze for later use. Do not refreeze after thawing.

  • Thawing: Line a deep dish with paper towel. Remove crab claws from packaging, place in dish and cover. Thaw at room temperature for about three hours. Once thawed drain the liquid from the bottom of the dish and remove paper towel. Claws are better served not in the dish used for thawing. 

    for faster thawing: set oven to 350°F. Remove claws from their packaging and place them in the baking dish. Put dish in oven until claws have thawed - they should be warm and soft to the touch (do not overheat). Once thawed drain the liquid from the bottom of the dish. Claws are better served not in the dish used for thawing. 

    Defrosted crab claws may be retained two days sealed or covered, under refrigeration. 

    Pan Seared (Recommended): Follow thawing instructions above. Sauté in butter and seasoning of your choice (we like Narragansett Bay Seasoning) - cook only enough to heat. Overcooking will cause claws to become tough.

    Cocktail or Platter: Follow thawing instructions above. Arrange in platter or cocktail glass with seafood sauce. Claws are fully cooked and delicious simply thawed and served cold.

    Deep Fried: Follow thawing instructions above. Bread or batter up to shell sections and deep fry until golden brown.

  • Customer satisfaction is at the top of our list. We are so sure that you will love our products, we guarantee them 100%. If you are not pleased with your experience in any way please reach out for a full refund or product replacement.
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      Gwen S.
      United States United States

      Snow Crab Claws

      This is our third time ordering and we are 100% satisfied with our orders.

      United States United States

      Excellent in every way

      Ordered these crab claws for my daughter’s s birthday dinner. They were so sweet and so good. They also make a wonderful presentation. I would definitely buy this again. I highly recommend

      Patricia W.
      United States United States


      This product was better than expected. The process from choosing to shipping was great. I will order from them again.

      Gwen S.
      United States United States


      UPS was late in delivering and PRIMEFISH was made aware of the situation. The Snow Crab Cocktail Claw Box was wonderful. My only recommadation is more DRY ICE in packaging. We cannot depend on UPS to deliver when they are suppose to. Another hour and it would have been spoiled ONLY because of UPS. I will order again.

      Princess P.
      United States United States

      O wow I love the crab claws. I'm definitely going to order from this company again ☺️☺️☺️☺️