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Experience seafood differently

Our product line is comprised of only ultra-premium, specialty seafood items that we have specifically chosen and believe in. If you are looking for mediocre seafood you are in the wrong place.  
  • Family Owned & Operated 
  • Ultra-Premium Quality 
  • Sustainable, No Additives 
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What Our Customers Say About Us:


100+ Years of Combined Experience

We are a Rhode Island seafood family with over a century of combined experience. We've worked hard to provide the best of every species to our customers. Best in terms of quality; flavor, texture, health benefits, consistency, but also best in terms of sustainability, ensuring the health of our oceans.

You’re getting the best seafood the ocean has to offer from a Rhode Island family that understands what makes seafood great.

Our Premium Seafood

Our product line remains intentionally small, as we choose to offer only the best of the best.

How It Works:

order Your Seafood

Choose from one of our single item boxes, curated boxes or build your own box in our a la carte section. Make sure to take advantage of our $50 Welcome Offer.

Get Your Seafood

We carefully pack your seafood with dry ice and ice packs and deliver it within 1-2 days in perfect condition. 

Enjoy or Freeze

You can start cooking your seafood right away with our detailed cooking instructions, or freeze it for up to 6 months. 

Exclusively Ultra-Premium Specialty Seafood 

When we say we exclusively offer ultra-premium specialty seafood, we mean that our products boast the highest quality in any category. Not all seafood is created equal, and the distinction between our offerings and others is strikingly evident. From the unparalleled taste, texture, and consistency to the purity and health benefits, our seafood stands unrivaled.

For example, it's exceptionally rare to find a better scallop than our wild-caught Karen Elizabeth Atlantic Sea Scallops. These scallops undergo a meticulous process: triple-washed in cold seawater and flash-frozen on the boat within hours of catch. Few fishermen take the time for such care, and the difference is evident. Unlike most, our scallops contain zero chemicals or additives, resulting in a sweeter, more tender, and ultimately superior cooking experience.

We could tell a similar story about all of our other products. Intentionally, we keep our product line small to preserve this unparalleled quality.
  • Certified Sustainable

    All of our products are sustainably caught.

Us vs. Them


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Exclusively High-End Seafood

100 Years Combined Experience 

No Chemicals or Additives Ever

Custom Offers for Customers 

Dedicated Customer Experience Manager
$50 Welcome Offer

We Provide An Exceptional Customer Experience 

Beyond offering the highest quality seafood the ocean has to offer, we pride ourselves in providing unparalleled support and value to our customers. With dedicated customer experience managers, we ensure that your journey with us is nothing short of exceptional.

Our dedicated managers curate personalized offers for our valued customers throughout our relationship. From complimentary items to credits on orders, free shipping, and more, we genuinely care about providing you with added value whenever possible. As a token of appreciation, we start your journey with us by offering a $50 gift on your first order.
  • 100% Guaranteed

    Love us or your money back.

Packed to Perfection

All orders ship frozen in an insulated box with dry ice and gel packs. Due to the perishable nature of our products and the extra care required to ship them, we do have premium shipping rates. Our premium rates reflect the quality of our product and the care we take to ensure it arrives at your door in perfect condition.

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  • "The seafood I have purchased many times has been consistently fresh and so delicious. They take pride in flash freezing their products to continually assure the freshest, best tasting products available. The owners are the most honest and awesome people, they stand behind their word. A company that can be trusted!!!"
    • Lucille M.
  • 100% Guaranteed

    Love us or your money back.
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